Jevnaker Hage

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Jevnaker Garden

Jevnaker Garden is open all year round, for everyone. Here you can study plants and nature, just hang out, or exercise a little on the lawn. In the winter you can play in the snow and grill in the fireplace. Remember to be careful with the use of fire. Animals are welcome. As a member you have access to the grill cabin, the toilets and much more. If you want to grow things for yourself there are always garden plots available. INSTRUCTIONS: Download the audio guide by pressing the red “Download” button above. After you have downloaded you can walk around the garden and find the signs we have put up. The signs are numbered from 1 to 10. Press the corresponding number in the app to hear the story where you are standing. We wish you a good and hopefully inspiring tour! You may contact us via email: jevnakerhage@gmail.com We are also on Facebook as Jevnaker Hage.