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Their routes

Ibsen articrose frontbildet

When The Dead Awakens

READ THIS BEFORE YOU BEGIN: 1. Press the red "download" button to download Henrik Ibsen's thoughts. 2. Press Start to go to the map. 3. Press the black download arrow on the right side of the map and select "yes". 4. Put your phone in airplane mode to avoid incoming phone calls. 5. You will see more red fields in the map. 6. Zoom in on the map and find Point 1 - press the needle when Ibsen raises the stick on the other side of the street and you are up and walking. Henrik Ibsen is resurrected, alive and controversial. Follow him from the apartment to Grand Cafe, over the world-famous sidewalk quotes from his authorship. Listen to his thoughts. Enjoy yourself! This experience is created by: ARTicROSE v. Nicolay Lange Nielsen.