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Velkommen til Heim! Vi er stolte av å kunne tilby deg spennende lydguide-opplevelser som du sent vil glemme! Velg audioguide-rute nedenfor, så er du i gang!

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Welcome to Heim!

Listen to the 10 different stories from Heim. Here you will hear about a truly unique collection in Valsøya, the story of how Grønset became a coaching station, and special Viking discoveries both in Hestnes and Vinjeøra. In the idyllic center of Kyrksæterøra, you will find fascinating local history about the skiing couple Berit and Ove Aunli and shipbuilding traditions. Robergtrollet and Mannbjønn are other exciting stories from Heim. And did you know that the killer whale Keiko is buried in Heim? The stories are automatically played with a real narrator's voice when you move within the red areas on the map.