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AR Smøla - Poltergeist

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Smøla kommune

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Welcome to an extraordinary experience! Here on Edøya we have a rich history, and in this AR experience you will meet people who lived here a long time ago. Some will probably try to scare you away, while others desperately need your help. Learn more about historical discoveries and exciting events from the island. Enjoy the tour! HOW TO USE THE APP: 1. Connect to Gurisenteret's wi-fi. 2. Press the red download button to download the AR experience. 3. Press "start" to go to the map. 4. You will see six red circles - follow the map and move into the circles. 5. When you enter a circle, an info screen will appear - press the red AR button at the bottom right. 6. Move your phone slowly around you - a marker will appear on the ground in front of you. 7. Touch the symbol when the marker turns green. 8. The ghosts will now appear and tell their stories. 9. After the ghost has finished speaking, a 3D object that you can go closer to study will appear. 10. Press the back arrow at the top left to return to the info screen. 11. Press the back button on the info screen to return to the map. 12. Repeat the steps from step 4. Do you want to know more about what the Gurisentret can offer? Check out gurisentret.no! The experience has been developed by: Smøla Nærings- og kultursenter, Voice Of Norway (Experio), Holocap and Shuuto. Thanks to Innovation Norway who had faith in the project!

Audio guides available in:
Norsk bokmål, English (British)

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