Indre Fosen Pilegrimsleia

Reins kloster and Kystens arv

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Stiftelsen Nordmøre Museum

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Welcome to Reins Kloster and Museet Kystens Arv in Indre Fosen municipality, the last two key places before you take the last stage to Nidaros Cathedral! Here you can take the trip to sea or challenge yourself with one or more hiking stages. The key site Reins Kloster in Rissa contains several thousand years of history as a royal estate, a nunnery up to today's ecological operation. Here is also the beautiful Rein Church. Nøkkelstedet Kystens Arv på Stadsbygder a museum around the clinker-built boat, both historically and with still active boat building. Spread out from the moment you arrive by boat to Hasselvika and take you from there via Rissa to Stadsbygd, you will find interesting points that are now sounded here with Voice of Norway!

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