Dolm Pilegrimsleia

Dolm Nøkkelsted

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Stiftelsen Nordmøre Museum

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Welcome to Dolm! In this audio guide you will get to know Hitra's ancient history related to the surroundings around the Dolm church . You can experience all this through good narrator voices with pictures and text as you approach the different places.

Audio guides available in:
English (British), Norsk bokmål

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Points of interest


An Old Mystery

It is said, that since ancient times there was a monastery here at Dolm. But that it was wiped out by the ravages of the black death in 1349. Can you see the stones that are sticking out from the walls of the church? These inexplicably protruding stones have been the source of much speculation. Today, we know that it is not a possibility. However, it was at one time speculated that the stones could have originated from an unfinished vestry. A room which was meant for the storage of valuable objects and documents…maybe…but there is something with this theory that didn’t hold true. As the dimensions don’t fit. A new theory is that perhaps work on the Church began further north, so that you would now be standing in what was originally intended as the nave. Then a message was received to expand the Church, so it had to be built further towards the south. The wall that was intended as the Church’s southside was therefore instead used as the northside. The protruding stones could therefore be the remnants of the walls that were demolished when the Church was moved.

Audio guides available in:
Norsk bokmål, English (British)