National tourist road Havøysund

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Few stretches of road in the world can present such beautiful, varied, and spectacular nature as the National Tourist Road 889 between Kokelv, Storberget and Hammerfest. The journey alone is an experience in itself and combined with a round tour to Nordkapp or Hammerfest, it will be an unforgettable experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life. Parts of the road pass through deserted rocky landscapes, where you have the Nordic Sea on one side and rugged rock formations on the other. The landscape is raw and dramatic and both reindeer and sea eagles are a common sight. In this audio guide you will get to know about some of the places along the road, about spies, the resistance and the people, myths, and sagas from a bygone era. All of this you can experience through the comprehensive narration, pictures, and text as you approach the places of interest along the route. God tur!

Audio guides available in:
English (British), Deutsch , Norsk bokmål

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