Borgny's children's guide

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Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

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Points of interest


The seabed

Did you know there is a whole other world at the bottom of the sea? Down there, strange and exciting creatures like crabs, starfish, and octopuses live. Imagine fish swimming around like birds in the water, and seaweed dancing with the currents. There are also hidden treasures like old shipwrecks and pearls inside shells. The seabed is like a big underwater treasure chest full of secrets and adventures just waiting to be discovered! What do you think you might find down there?

Audio guides available in:
English (British)


The seven sisters

Can you see the beautiful waterfall we are passing now. It is called the Seven Sisters. It's made up of seven separate streams that look like sisters dancing down the mountain. The water falls from a great height, creating a magical mist. Legend says they are seven unmarried sisters waiting for a suitor. What do you think their story might be?

Audio guides available in:
English (British)